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Another alchemical creation has appeared within the workshop. These creatures were a complete accident, *scratches check* that's my bad. A snail had laid eggs under the table that we use for hatching Drugulites, this table has a circle that slowly draws in magic from the surrounding minerals placed on the table. Well this cause these snail eggs to mutate ….. into Snagons(Snail Dragons). These guys are adorable as all get out but not at all what we were trying to create.

We have been observing them for some time now and theirs natures vary but they do tend to lean more toward gardens(especially those with herbs), cooking spices. A few of these guys have critiqued someone cooking by knocking over a spice they think will be better(they are always right).

Batch January:

Fred - Dark Tan w/ grey shell

George - Light Tan w/ light shell

Tin - Squiggle Tan w/ tin shell

Moss - Patchy Green w/ light shell

Camo - Dark Green w/w grey shell

Banana - Yellow Spotted w/ light shell

Ritual - Purple w/ blackish shell

Flame - Flamboyant w/ light shell

Bubble - Blue Spotted w/ light shell

Rebel - Red Stripped w/ black shell

Resin Cast Hand painted figure. Each unique in their coloration.

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